Röders Formenbau Detail Form

Our competence = your assurance

Röders has been developing and producing blow moulds for PET bottles and containers ever since this technology first took off in 1975.

With our many years of experience, we guarantee the optimum design and construction of the blow moulds to give you the best possible bottle quality. We have detailed knowledge of all the different types of machines. Thanks to our own manufac­turing techno­logies, and especially our HSC machines, we achieve the shortest possible lead times.

In our well-equipped blowing laboratory, a wide range of tests and inspec­tions can be performed before the start of production. Leading bottle makers value our compe­tence and make regular use of our services.

For special develo­p­ments, we maintain absolute discretion. With our own develo­p­ments, we have substan­tially expanded the range of possi­bi­lities in bottle manufacture, e.g. with the new quick-change solutions and large moulds.