Opportunities at Röders

Röders Karriere - Chancen bei Röders

Opportunities at Röders

High technology



Individual respon­si­bility

Flat hierar­chies



Quick decisions

Practical focus


Direct contact

Advanced training

Career develo­pment

Quality of life

Are you interested in a company

  • which always strives to implement the latest and best techno­logies in its products and production processes?
  • whose products are recognised and valued for their excellent perfor­mance and quality by customers worldwide?
  • which is still easy to comprehend in terms of size and structure and in which no employee ever needs to feel lost, as in the anonymity of a large organisation?
  • which, throughout the 200 years of its history, has always had the foresight and innovative energy to adapt to changing times and to secure its future?
  • which is organised without any rigid or outdated hierar­chies and gives direct access to the management for every employee?
  • in which even young staff members are quickly encou­raged to work in an independent and respon­sible manner and show initiative?
  • which gives its employees the oppor­tunity for further education, and the possi­bility of career develo­pment within the company?
  • in which perfor­mance and success of each employee become directly obvious in results for the company?
  • in which the develo­pment engineers have direct access to practice and customer projects instead of working in a separate laboratory?
  • which is located in a town with a high quality of life in close proximity to three large cities, in which apart­ments and houses are still affordable and which offers a safe environment for children?

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