Spindel Zubehör Mediumverteiler

Extension Of The Possible Applications
through Special Accessories

Zubehör Mediumverteiler

Medium Distributor

A typical minimum lubri­cation consists of air jets which blow air containing very small quantities of atomized lubricant, e.g. oil, on the cutting area of the work piece. The German company MHT GmbH has optimized this technology with its specia­lized Medium Distri­butor. In manifold appli­ca­tions high qualities on the workpieces and longer lifetime of the cutters have been achieved because the system blows away the chips from the cutting area and provides for very precise lubri­cation. After machining the workpieces usually are dry as the lubricant vaporizes during the cutting process.

Shrink technology

Röders started using heat shrink technology for HSC machining as early as 1992. With regard to concen­tricity and rigidity, the heat shrink technique is unmatched even today. Röders offers its own shrinking device and tool holders for all types of spindles.

Röders GmbH RXU2000 Roller Device

Additional rotary axes

1‑axis or 2‑axis rotary tables with modern direct drive technology are quickly attached for different applications.

Schruppwerkzeug Verlängerung

Tool holders

Important for the machining results are also the tool holders. They determine the concen­tricity of the tool and therewith the achie­vable quality of the workpiece with respect to precision and surface quality. Therefore, Röders offers high precision tool holders and may also give recommendations.

Suction devices

Röders offers powerful suction devices with all machine models for graphite, ceramics, oil mist, emulsion etc. with special filter technology.

User-specific work piece clamping technology

For special appli­ca­tions, for example in automated production, Röders engineers develop specific clamping devices for directly clamping the workpieces in the machine witout any pallet system.