Röders Blasformen Entwurf und Design Formenbau Monitore

Fast design

Based on your sketches, logos, images or models, we use the latest CAD systems to create first drafts of your new PET bottle with high-quality 3D views and volume calculations.

Röders GmbH Flaschenentwicklung 3-D-Konstruktion Mitarbeiter an Monitoren
Röders GmbH Flaschenentwicklung 3-D-Konstruktion Monitore

Our many years of experience in terms of blowa­bility of different designs are certainly considered. Of course, you can also expect design sugges­tions from us. Our indepen­dence and absolute discretion ensure your lead and market success.

If you have models or sample bottles that you want to scale in size, for example, we can capture the 3D data with our laser scanner.

If desired, models are produced from the 3D CAD construc­tions in shortest possible time.