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Hotfill blow moulds

Röders was involved in the develo­pment of hotfill blow moulds right from the start, sometimes in close coope­ration with well-known bottlers.

Röders GmbH Produkte Hotfill-Formen auf Werkbank
Röders GmbH Produkte Hotfill-Formen
Röders GmbH Produkte Hotfill Teeflaschenform
Röders GmbH Produkte Hotfill-Formen

Thanks to our own coatings with parti­cu­larly hard and smooth surfaces, it has been possible to qualify aluminum moulds for the hotfill bottle production.

This has great advantages:

  • Lower blow mould manufac­turing costs
  • Reduced wear on the blow moulding machine due to the lower weight of the blow moulds
  • Faster and easier mould changes
Röders GmbH Produkte Hotfill-Form