Technical Reports

Roeders Flexible Zahnradfertigung - Flexible Gearwheel Production

Short-term production of a finished gearwheel — Flexible gearwheel production with
high-precision 5‑axis machining centres

The manufacture of gearwheels for machine building appli­ca­tions usually involves machines especially designed for the purpose. Important techniques include gear hobbing, gear shaping, gear-generating planning, profile milling and profile broaching. Generally, specia­lized tools whose geometry is precisely adapted to the work-piece are required.

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Fully automatic HSC hard machining
Automation in mould making: milling machine manufac­turer as develo­pment partner
Company Hella, 04/2019

Although complex injection moulding tools are often one-off pieces, syste­matic standar­di­z­ation of processes and automation of the machining steps in conjunction with the use of suitable machines enables benefits to be achieved relating to both quality and costs.

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Milling machines for the high art of mould making What do precision milling centreshave to do with mascara appli­cators?
Company Zahoransky Automation & Molds, 08/2017

It is hard to find product categories with aesthetic requi­re­ments that exceed those of the healthcare & beauty sector. The requi­re­ments that such products have to meet encompass all relevant aspects, such as design, colour, surface quality or look and feel. It goes without saying that items produced by plastic injection moulding need moulds that fulfil compa­ra­tively stringent quality requirements.

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Highly precise multi-purpose machine for the tool shopMa­chining center for heavy-duty service in milling and jig grinding
Company Feintool, 12/2015

Feintool is a specialist for fine stamping and forming of precision sheet metal parts for various indus­trial appli­ca­tions with a world-wide reputation. The top perfor­mances its customers require can only be achieved if the entire process chain from the press through to the tool, the consum­ables and the periphery is carefully designed and optimized from one source.

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