Laser Scanner

Röders Blasformen Entwurf und Design Formenbau Monitore

High-precision laser scanning
of available geometries

Röders has the latest laser scanning technology
from GOM (member of the Zeiss Group).

Röders GmbH Flaschenentwicklung 3-D-Scanner

If you have blow moulds in your production from which you would like to derive a new design based on the bottle geometry, e.g. in a different size, we can digitize the moulds geome­tri­cally with high precision and transfer the data to our CAD systems for further processing.

Sample bottles, models, logos and other items can be scanned as well and then used in CAD, of course also as section of new bottle designs only.

To check the instal­lation dimen­sions of moulds in the blow moulding machine, especially for older blow moulding machines, the outer geometry of an existing blow mould can be measured by the laser scanner. This reliably avoids problems when later installing newly manufac­tured blow moulds in your blow moulding machine.

Röders GmbH Flaschenentwicklung Laserscanner, Mitarbeiter am Arbeitsplatz