RXU Machine Models

QUADROGUIDE® – Extremely Stiff RXU Machines

Achse RXU Quadroguide

Is it possible to design a machine with high stiffness, high dynamics and high precision?
QUADROGUIDE® – a totally new concept combines those charac­te­ristics in an ideal manner. The trans­mission of the forces from the cutter along Z axis and Y axis into the machine body has been optimized with totally new machine design. Very high stiffness is achieved with low inertias.

4 guiding rails in the 4 corner edges of the Z axis transfer the accele­ration and the machining forces with the means of 16 guiding carriages with high damping into a massive machine bridge.

Linear motors and modern drive technology enable the RXU machines for unpre­ce­dented dynamics and precision.

Spindles with more than 100 Nm torque (S1 operation) and 22,000 rpm allow a large variety of applications.

High roughing capacities in hardened steel or difficult to machine materials and highest surface qualities and precision are achieved in one set-up.

3 axes:


5 axes: