Drive Technology

Drive Technology


With a sophisti­cated drive technology as well as lower friction in the axis, the linear motor technology reduces the power consumption compared to machines with ball screw drives:

  • by 12% for the same machining time
  • by 20% for the same workpiece quality

Smallest Increments

Smallest increments of movement

  • Internal resolution of the drives < 1 nanometre
  • Even smallest incre­ments possible

Exakte Temperierung

Exact temperature stabilisation

  • Hyste­resis of the cooling water for tempe­rature control of the machine < +/-0.1 Kelvin
  • Optio­nally for special requi­re­ments +/- 0.02 Kelvin

Höchste Konturgenauigkeit

Highest precision of the machining path

  • Circular precision of < 1 μm possible