Standard blow moulds for non-returnable or refillable bottles

Röders Blasformen Detail Form

Standard blow moulds

In the last 50 years we reliably have produced several 100,000 blow moulds for non-returnable and refillable bottles, mostly with very short delivery times.

Röders GmbH Erfahrung Blasform mit Boden

We have been very familiar with the various machine types and genera­tions of the leading manufac­turers (KHS Corpoplast, Krones, Sidel, Sipa, etc.) for many years, down to the last detail. With coatings specially developed by us, we improve the durability of the standard blow moulds on request.

If, in addition to the blow moulds, new format parts are required for bottle projects, e.g. due to a new preform design, we can supply those to you.

If necessary, our service supports you in converting your blow moulding machine and ensures an optimal blow moulding process at your site.

Röders GmbH Produkte Standardblasform
Röders GmbH Produkte Standardblasform