Laboratory Tests

Röders Blasformen Flaschenentwicklung

Qualification of your new PET bottle
in our Technical Centre

State-of-the-art equipment from Agr Inter­na­tional, supple­mented by devices developed in-house, allow a compre­hensive quali­fi­cation of new PET bottles, the blowing process, preforms, etc.

Röders GmbH Labor Mitarbeiterin

We can carry out the following exami­na­tions for you:

  • Drop impact
  • Thermal stability
  • Stress crack test
  • Top load
  • Burst resis­tance
  • Carbo­nation retention test
  • Weight
  • Fill point capacity
  • Brimful capacity
  • Bottle dimen­sions
  • Perpen­di­cu­larity
  • Base clearance
  • Wall thickness
  • Section weights
  • Appearance & odor

Our laboratory devices have been certified by various customers and thus are officially acknowledged.

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