Jig Grinding

Spindel - Schleiftechnologie

Technology for Jig Grinding

Röders GmbH Technologie Koordinatenschleifen
Optimised grinding process
  • Precisely tempe­rature-controlled, flushing grinding oil
  • Chop grinding with slow contour feed rate
  • Contour grinding with slow Z‑motion and high feed rate
  • High surface qualities possible with Ra < 0.01 µm

Verlässliche Präzision
Reliable Precision
  • Check measu­re­ments with the automatic 3D touch probe of the machine
    permit the production of minimised tolerances for the workpiece, even in unattended operation

Röders GmbH Screen Simulation Grinding Cycle Programming
Röders GmbH Screen Simulation Conegrinding
CAM programming for jig grinding
  • Very simple user interface for input of the grinding parameters at the control
  • Cycles for chop grinding and for contour grinding with slow Z‑motion available
  • Externally programmed or constructed contours may be imported
  • Also conical contours are easily programmed and machined, incl. dressing of the wheel

Röders GmbH Abrichten des Schleifstiftes - dressing up spindle
Dressing of the grinding wheel
at the rotating dressing spindle
  • Special cycles available for dressing
  • Preli­minary measu­rement of the grinding wheel in the measuring laser for a “rough measurement”

Körperschallvermessung des Schleifstiftes
Contact measu­rement
of the grinding wheel

The contact measu­rement is used for

  • precisely measuring the grinding wheel on diamond surfaces
  • measuring the workpiece
  • monitoring the grinding process

Schleiföl / Löschtechnik
Grinding oil / extin­gu­ishing equipment
  • Special precisely tempe­rature-controlled and fine-filtered grinding oil for optimal grinding results
  • Reliable two-channel extin­gu­ishing equipment for the entire machining area