Röders Karriere - Chancen bei Röders

Outstanding products require outstanding employees

High tech does not just develop by itself. That’s why Röders GmbH has put high efforts into education of staff. The workshops for the appren­tices are corre­spon­dingly spacious. And the results are impressive. This year, for the second time in a row, an apprentice, Niklas Prigge, was honoured as best graduate for his excellent education as a mould and die maker in the state of Niedersachsen.

Röders GmbH Landessieger Werkzeugmechaniker

One 40-year and five 10-year anniversaries
at Röders

Senior Hinrich Röders with over 92 years did not want to miss congra­tu­lating 6 employees to their 40- and 10-year anniver­s­aries at Röders together with his son in August 2023.

Röders GmbH Firmenjubiläen August 2023

Year 2023

This year, 18 new appren­tices started at Röders in different fields.

Röders GmbH Ausbildungsjahrgang 2023