Jig Grinding

Röders Maschinenbau Schnittwerkzeug

Jig Grinding

Injection mould for lenses for mobile phones
  • 24 cavities with Ø 8 mm
  • Cylind­ricity 30 mm long,
    starting 15 mm below the mould surface
    up to a depth of 45 mm
  • chieved cylind­ricity at all cavities < 0.5 µm

Blanking punch

Tolerance < 1 µm over the full height

Housing for a hydraulic pump

Tolerances of the “double holes” (position and roundness) < 1 µm

Gear of gear pump

Röders Maschinenbau Schnittwerkzeug
Cutting tool

milling of the complete part,
5‑axis grinding of cutting edge


Combined cutting and forming die

upper surface machined by High Speed Cutting,
hole manufac­tured by jig grinding, roundness < 0.5 µm