Manufacturing Processes

Integration of Numerous manufacturing Processes

Röders has already integrated numerous manufac­turing processes into automation solutions. Upon demand a multistage machining process is possible. This means that a workpieces undergoes different machining opera­tions in the machines. Electrodes for example are produced first by milling, cleaned, measured and subse­quently used as electrodes in EDM, all in one automated cell.

Fertigungsverfahren - Fräsen

Before starting a job checking of the availa­bility of the tools. Automation of machines with other controls than Röders possible.

Fertigungsverfahren - Messen

Inter­faces to numerous measuring machines existing: Zeiss, Mitutoyo, Hexagon, Wenzel and others. Measu­rement of zero point coordi­nates or orien­tation of the workpiece for the machining operation or quality control after machining.

Fertigungsverfahren - Schleifen

Integration of jig grinding, profile grinding, contour grinding etc.

Fertigungsverfahren - Erodieren

Experience in automation with machines from Sodick, OPS Ingersoll, Makino, Exeron, Zimmer & Kreim. Inter­faces to the individual programming software for the EDM machines already exist. Import of electrode data possible.

Fertigungsverfahren - Drahterodieren
Wire cutting

Interface to wire cutting machines available.

Wasch- und Reinigungsstation
Washing / cleaning

Washing, cleaning and drying devices from MAFAC or Zimmer & Kreim already integrated

Fertigungsverfahren - manuelle Arbeitsgänge
Manual operations

Programmed integration of manual opera­tions like visual inspection into the workflow of a work-piece in an automated cell possible