Production of sample bottles

Röders Blasformen Flaschenentwicklung

Production of sample bottles
in our Technical Centre

Röders GmbH Labor Testmaschine und Mitarbeiter

On our modern laboratory blow moulding machine with one blow moulding station, we can flexibly adapt to your production requi­re­ments and carry out extensive tests, e.g. for new bottle designs:

  • Instal­lation of all mould types of various rotary and linear blow moulding machines
  • Test of quick change or standard blow moulds
  • Adapt­ation to different thread types and preforms
  • rPET and PET possible
  • Optimization of blowing pressure (low pressure)
  • Test of different material distri­bu­tions, stretch ratios, process parameters, etc.
  • Weight optimization (light weighting)
  • Delivery of sample bottles, also in larger quantities

Long-serving employees work in our Technical Centre. They also support our customers with the adjus­tment and optimization of the blow moulding process on site. Numerous laboratory tests can be carried out mainly with equipment from Agr Inter­na­tional, but also AT2E and ACM GmbH.

If you wish, the tests, optimiza­tions and inves­ti­ga­tions take place together with you. Confi­den­tiality has top priority for us. 

Various customers have already certified our Technical Centre and thus confirmed our extensive know-how.

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Röders GmbH Labor Expertengespräch
Röders GmbH Labor Testmaschine und Flaschen