Mould and Die Making

Röders Maschinenbau Uhrenarmband

Mould and Die Making

Röders Maschinenbau Mikroform Uhrenarmband
Liquid Silicon Rubber moulds

Highly precise 5‑axis machining, no rework of parting surfaces necessary

Die casting moulds

Die casting moulds are completely (roughing and finishing) machined with HSC directly in hardened steel. Röders HSC technology reliably achieves a surface quality and accuracy which makes bench work unnecessary, even at mould parting surfaces.

Die for chain links

Weighing 1 t, this die was machined on the RXU1200 in 50% of the time previously needed


for the chip industry and other sectors

Engraving width and depth 0.05 mm

Injection mould

for a swivel-chair cover; dimen­sions approx. 1 m x 1 m

Insert for reflector injection mould

Through the constant optimi­sation of all machine components,surfaces can now be produced in “polished quality”.


Milled with 5‑axis machines without any reworking

for connectors

of electrodes for connectors above, smallest cutter Ø 0.8 mm, achieved Ra = 0.1 µm

Milled with 3- and 5‑axis machines without any reworking

Tools for sheet metal forming

HSC milling and jig grinding with high precision in a single set-up

Cutting rollers

Special software available for 4‑axis carving

Rubber moulds

Machining from all sides in one set-up

Tire moulds

Extreme dynamics for shortest machining times

Röders GmbH Formen für Brennstoffzellen
Moulds for fuel cells

Cutting and forming die

HSC milling and jig grinding (tolerance 1 µm) in a single set-up

Blanking punch

Tolerance < 1 µm over the full height

Package moulds

of high-tensile aluminium 

Precision forging dies

High rpm for producing small corner radii

Injection moulds

with high precision in every detail

Crankshaft forging dies

in high-tensile steel with extreme cutter lengths, finish-machined

Complex plastic injection moulds

no longer requiring spark erosion

Embossing dies

finish-machined in 70 HRC

Shoe moulds

Aluminium cutting with very short milling times