Data Consistency

Data Consistency – The Back Bone of Industry 4.0

An essential feature of Industry 4.0 compa­tible solutions is full data consis­tency. In a perma­nently changing production environment any copy of data is immediately outdated. Therefore, access to original data becomes decisive for avoidance of errors and highest produc­tivity. Röders conse­quently imple­ments this by allowing access to original data in the machines and automation anytime from anywhere. All data is stored in a central data base system.

Monitor Datendurchgängigkeit
Real time information

With a web-based interface tool data of the machines may directly be read. The CAM-programmer as well as the production manager can verify the actual condition and availa­bility of the tools in each machine and in the automation via browser at their personal computer in real time.

Tablet Datendurchgängigkeit
Web-based check of machine condition

Also web-based, the condition of the machines in the workshop may be checked.

  • What is being machined?
  • Is there a disruption?
  • How is the machining progress?
  • How much longer will the machining time be?
  • Etc.
    Of course access to this data is only allowed for autho­rized staff. Access rights may be managed as required.

Werkzeuge Datendurchgängigkeit
In view Anytime

Status and location of each workpiece, for example electrodes, in an automation cell can be checked from any workplace.

Schnittstelle Datendurchgängigkeit
Logo umati Partner

Röders is one of the leading partners in realizing the umati interface. No matter which machine data is requested from a super­or­dinate level for evaluation, checking or controlling, Röders gives access to this data through the standar­dized umati interface.