Machining of Glass and Ceramics

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Machining of glass and ceramics

Röders GmbH Glas Prism 01
Röders GmbH Glas Prism 02
Glass prisms

Machining of optical glass prisms with extreme angular precision below 2 arc seconds, also for large prisms. Roughing and finishing in one set-up on 5‑axis and respec­tively 3‑axis machine

Roeders GmbH Testwerkstueck für Flusszelle aus Alumiumoxid
Test workpiece for flow cell made of zirconium oxide,

stabi­lized ZrO2 – Y2O3, about 25 mm x 25 mm, Vickers hardness HV 10: 13 GPA

Röders GmbH Mikrofluidik ShapeFab
Machining of glass for medical applications

Also very tiny contours, e.g. fluid channels, may be machined with high precision in glass.

Röders GmbH Glasbearbeitung

Röders GmbH Glasbearbeitung
Sample part for glass machining

Free form surfaces and other contours machined into a glass workpiece in one set-up