RCM – Flexible linear Multi-Machine
Automation up to 150 kg

Automation RCM

Linear handling device for single- or multi-machine automation with high operating distance

  • Very rigid → highly dynamic, short handling times­Ma­chines can be placed on both sides of the rail as well as at the front
  • Integration of third-party machines, e.g. measuring machines, optional
  • Workpiece and tool handling possible
  • Can be expanded in separate stages
  • Chip identi­fi­cation of the pallets available as an option
  • Driven by Röders job management software RMSMain (installed on separate computer or the machine control)
Röders GmbH Logostörer NEW
Direct clamping
of workpieces or on pallets,
also mixed operation
Automation RCM Greiferwechsel
Gripper change

The possi­bility to change the grippers makes the RCM highly flexible in the automation of several machines.

Automation RCM Beladestation
Loading station

For heavy workpieces and pallets a loading station acces­sible with a crane may be added.

Technical data RCM
Max. workpiece weight150 kg
Max. workpiece dimensionsdepends on the machine being automated
Largest palletErowa UPC / System 3R Dynafix
Z travel for magazine1800 mm
Width of magazine (per shelf)1340 mm
Gripper changeyes
External toolsyes
Can be extended with machines of other manufacturersyes