Röders Maschinenbau Innenraum RXU1001DSH Detail

3‑axis-machining and jig grinding in XXL-format

Röders GmbH RXU2000

The new RXU2000 from Röders achieves maximum precision when workpieces and moulds with parti­cu­larly large dimen­sions have to be machined. Designed for excep­tional accuracy combined with high perfor­mance in machining hardened materials, the machine has a working area of 2,000 x 1,800 x 800 mm. The work table is designed for loads of up to 5.0 t. The Z‑axis stroke has been inten­tio­nally limited in order to ensure maximum accuracy.

The RXU 2000 is suited for 3D milling as well as for jig grinding, vertical grinding or profile grinding. This combi­nation of opera­tions in one set-up on the same machine is parti­cu­larly interesting for many jobs in machine production and mould making.

Linear direct drives in all axes as well as a sophisti­cated tempe­rature management system for the entire machine ensure the highest possible accuracy, even during long machining jobs. Accuracies of less than 5 µm can be achieved in the entire working area, as well as a roundness of 1–2 µm depending on the size of the bore.

The RXU2000 is parti­cu­larly suitable for the production of:

  • Large mould plates, e.g. for stamping dies
  • Large, flat injection moulds with fine contours (e.g. for seals), which have to be machined with relatively small tools
  • Machine components, e.g. guide rails
  • Large high-precision workpieces

Reliable fully automated production

RCF 150 — linear very compact machine automation for one or several machines placed in a row:

  • Only 1.5 m wide including shelves
  • Max. workpiece weight 150 kg
  • Gripper change for different pallet types and tools
  • quickly installed due to modular design
  • easy to expand anytime
Röders GmbH RCF 150 Automation Aussenansicht

Cylindricity < 0.5 µm

Röders Kameralinse

A 24 cavity injection mould for lenses for mobile phones had been jig ground on a RHP500 machine with highest precision possible. This appli­cation became especially challenging, because the holes had only 8 mm diameter, the area to be jig ground began 15 mm below the mould surface and reached a depth of 45 mm. In conse­quence, the holes had to be ground cylind­rical with highest precision on a total length of 30 mm. The requested cylind­ricity of 0.5 µm was achieved on all 24 cavities.

Milling and Grinding

Cutting or grinding tools with up to 200 mm diameter may automa­ti­cally be changed into the main spindle by a newly developed tool changer, which is placed below the bridge of the machine. For each tool an adjusted cooling supply is changed as well, which allows perfect cooling where needed for the cutting process.

Röders Bearbeitung Kühlmittelzufuhr

Machining with a large grinding wheel with adjusted, likewise automa­ti­cally changed cooling supply for the grinding process with large coolant volume

Logo umati Partner

Röders is partner of umati initiative

Röders is partner of the umati initiative of the German machine tool association VDW (umati = universal machine tool interface).

Moulds for liquid silicone rubber (LSR)

Parting surfaces of injection moulds for liquid silicone rubber (LSR) are machined with high precision to final dimen­sions. No rework is necessary. The moulds are directly used for flash-free production.

HEIDENHAIN®# and ISO-Code (G‑Code)

Verarbeitung von Klartext-Programmen

For minimizing training periods and facili­tating the change of operators among machines with different NC-Controls, Röders machines may be programmed in HEIDENHAIN®#-NC-Code (with limited scope) or ISO-Code (G‑Code). The NC-Program is created with simple macros at the control. Operators knowing the NC-commands in the respective code do not need extra training.

#Heidenhain is the regis­tered trade mark of the Dr. Johannes Heidenhain GmbH

Reflector, material ELMAX 58 HRC

Machining results:

Precision +/- 1 µm

Surface quality Ra 0.010 µm

Röders Reflektor

New possibilities in the watch industry

The combi­nation of high precision air bearing spindles running up to 90000 rpm with the linear motor direct drive technology of the Röders HSC machines allow for up to now unknown qualities in the watch industry. On the exhibition EPHJ in Geneva specia­lists were convinced of the superior quality directly at the machine. With the long-standing compe­tence of Röders in automation the machine may be adapted to a highly efficient manufac­turing process at the customer.