Products Automation

Hardware For The Automation

The hardware for the automation should match the requi­re­ments of the automation appli­cation as good as possible in order to optimize costs, necessary space and efficiency.

Main criteria are:

  • Direct clamping of the workpieces or on pallet?
  • Workpiece weights and sizes
  • Machining times per workpiece
  • Supply of the machines with external tools from the magazine necessary?
  • One or several machines to be automated?
  • Later extention of the automation by further machines desired?
  • Needed access to the automation and corre­sponding security concept
  • Manufac­turing techno­logies to be automated
Röders Handling

In order to cover the diversity of customer requi­re­ments, Röders has developed a large range of automation solutions over the years. Starting with a simple, integrated space saving solution, all the way to robots on rails with numerous machines of various manufac­turing techno­logies, all project types with different requi­re­ments can be realized.

Machine-integrated automation

Cost-efficient automation of one or two machines

Compact, flexible automation of one or two machines

Flexible linear multi-machine automation

Heavy-load automation up to 1500 kg

Robot cell, versatile and short instal­lation times

Highly flexible, suitable for auxiliary functions or direct clamping of workpieces without pallets