Special-Purpose Solutions

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Special-Purpose Solutions

Due to our reliable discretion and indepen­dence, we carry out special develo­p­ments for many customers, e.g.

  • Blow Moulds with special coatings, e.g. for hotfill
  • Production of large blow moulds up to 30 litres
  • Special blow mould construc­tions with movable mould parts
  • Blow moulds with inserts for an easy change of the bottle design in just one mould
  • Cross-machine quick change solutions
  • New venti­lation concepts
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With special high-hardness, non-stick coatings, we have qualified aluminum for durable hotfill blow moulds. The weight saving in the moulds reduces wear on the blow moulding machine and shortens mould changeover times.

Whether for soft drinks, beer, oils, juices, milk or other liquids, whether for refillable, non-returnable or hotfill, we can rely on decades of know-how in all areas. In some cases, we have long-term develo­pment partner­ships with the world’s leading bottlers. 

In projects with well-known blow moulding machine manufac­turers, we have made signi­ficant contri­bu­tions to the develo­pment of new, modern blow moulding stations in the blow moulding machines. In the event of capacity bottlenecks, we often manufacture blow moulds for machine manufactures.

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